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Why is the Rdot Display the Perfect IoT Display?

In this text, we are going to explore why the Rdot displays are the perfect IoT displays. There are plenty of different reasons why this is the case and we are going to explore every one individually. These include energy efficiency, cost efficiency as well as custom size availability displays.

IoT Display from Rdot Displays

Each of the following reasons makes a powerful case with why Rdot displays are perfect for IoT. Let's dig in and explore them a bit more in depth.

Energy Efficiency

Only a few IoT devices are power by the electric grid. Most of them are instead powered by battery or energy harvesting and therefore has a very limited power budget. For that reason, a low power display is crucial.

Regardless of whether the IoT device is running on batteries, or is powered by an energy-harvesting system, low power consumption is tremendously important. We have previously concluded that the Rdot display is the most energy-efficient display on the market, especially for IoT applications where the display content is refreshed anywhere from only a few times per hour up to a few times per day.

Cost Efficiency

No matter the industry, cost efficiency is always crucial for scalable growth. This is where the Rdot segment displays significantly outperform other IoT display technologies. Not only are they extremely inexpensive to make, but they are also eco-friendly. Mass production of the Rdot segment displays is easily achievable, as they are printed with Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll technologies.

Internet of Things Display from Rdot Displays

Display Customizability

Rdot displays are extremely suitable as an IoT display since they are highly customizable. Rdot displays can be made in any size and shape -- square, rectangular or round, the possibilities are endless. In addition to the shape of the display, they can also differ in their size. This much customizability is really a strong point for Rdot segment displays. An especially impressive feature is that their production can range from submillimeter segment dimensions up to several centimeters.

On top of all of this, the end product is flexible. Thanks to the customizable band radius Rdot segment displays can fit on any type of surface, no matter what its shape is. IoT display no longer need to be flat and rectangled.

Another interesting feature of this technology is that it's also possible to produce colors on the Rdot segment displays. This makes them applicable in a wider range of IoT displays. Color support includes colors shifting from red to black, green to dark green, and gray to blue.

The color feature is perfect for IoT display application, as there are multiple ways in which this characteristic can be made useful.

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Why Rdot Displays are Perfect for IoT - Concluding Thoughts

As you can tell, the electrochromic segment displays are rich with features that make them the perfect choice for IoT displays. If you are interested in testing the Rdot display, feel free to order Rdot Display evaluation kit. It will clearly answer the question of why Rdot displays are perfect for IoT. If you are interested in our product, please contact us via email.

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