Disposable Products

The market for disposable products requires ultra-low cost solutions. The Rdot display is extremely low-cost and the manufacturing process can be integrated at our customers' site. The display can be combined with other printed components such as batteries, sensors, and logic for a full system solution.

consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

Electronics are no longer flat and wired. A flexible and ultra-low power display with multiple color options opens up for new form factors and design oportunities. Instead of using the old fashion segmented LCD displays we offer a more energy efficient and optically appealing alternative.

electronic shelf label

Electronic Shelf Labels

The low-cost Rdot display is the most energy efficient display on the market and has no viewing angle dependency. The energy in one single coin cell can power a Rdot display for more than 100 years making it the perfect choice for electronic shelf labels.

electronic shelf label

Medical Technology

The environmentally friendliness, readability and bendability are some of the features making the Rdot display well suited for medical products including inhalers, fever thermometers, and smart tags.

electronic shelf label

Design & Architecture

Unlike other display technologies, the Rdot display has a very natural appearance. Designers and archtectures are using the Rdot display to create new environments such as color changing surfaces or dynamic artworks.