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Nissan - Adaptable Automotive Paint

Nissan Motor Company

Rdot Displays was hired by Nissan to develop proof-of-concept samples to demonstrate that an electrically tunable automotive paint is achievable. Rdot conducted a 6-month research & development project and successfully delivered prototypes of color-changing flexible substrates.

Words from the Client

Nissan were researching the concept of a vehicle that allowed the customer to change the body colour whenever they wanted. We approached Rdot because we saw unique potential in their technology to support this concept. The reflective, low-power, super-thin and flexible display would shape to the contours of the vehicle and allow a customer could control the colour from a mobile device. In a wider sense, we see Rdot’s technology as hugely disruptive; we can envisage a future in which almost any surface could support adaptive branding or advertising, something which is definitely of interest to us and our fleet customers.

John Ferguson, Project Manager at Nissan

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"Freedom to change your car colour... whenever you want, to whatever you want"

Nissan Europe are researching the technology to allow you to change the colour of your car at the press of a button. Pick any colour you want, from a selection in the app, or from a photo, then watch as your car transforms.

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