The Rdot Display™

Ultra Low Power
Compatible with most MCUs
Flexible Form Factor
Low Cost

Typical Work Process

1Evaluation Kit
2Custom Design Prototype
3Large Scale Manufacturing

color examples

R&D Services

Experiment with electrically tunable colors, printed systems, transparent displays, and much more.

The possibilities with electrochromic materials are close to endless. We have an extensive experience in electrochromism and printed electronics. With our large collection of electrochromic materials, each with its own unique properties, we innovate on a daily basis. We can also develop entire printed solutions where we combine our printed display with other printed components. Whether you are interested in well-known applications such as electrochromic displays and smart windows or if you have more innovative ways to use electrochromic materials, feel free contact us for a discussion.

Fields of expertise:
Electrochromic Materials
Electrochromic Device Manufacturing
Printed Electronic Systems

System On Display™

We offer development of system solutions with printed electronics circuits and surface-mounted components on the back of the display substrate.

Roll-to-Roll Printed Display
Surface-Mount Components

Colored Displays

The display can be manufactured in many different colors. The best suited colors for high contrast are grey, green, red and yellow. If a specific color is desired (for example brand colors) we have a solution for color matching that specific tone.

color examples

Evaluation Kit

The best way to learn about the Rdot displays is by trying them. The standard evaluation kit contains 15 displays with 5 different layouts, a battery pack and an adapter for easy connection to other electronics. The content in the evaluation kit may be modified upon request to include for example colored displays or examples of System on Display.

Description QTY
OK symbol, 30x16 mm2 OK sign 3
Small numbers, 25x22 mm2 Small numbers 3
7 segment, 30x40 mm2 Seven Segment 3
5 squares, 35x37 mm2 Squares 3
Loading bar, 28x35 mm2 Loading Bar 3
3V battery pack   1
Pinhead-to-FPC adapter   2

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