Ultra low power reflective display in full color.

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Energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean black and white.

Reflective displays, known also as electronic paper, are displays with paper-like qualities, celebrated for their paper-like reading experience and relatively low energy consumption. However, until now they have been restricted to displaying only black and white.

rdot’s proprietary technology allows for a new generation of reflective displays, enabling significant energy savings, color and flexibility - all packed into a display thinner than a strand of hair.


The combination of vibrant color rendering, energy efficiency, paper-like readability, flexibility and thinness makes rdot’s reflective display truly unique, enabling development of visual solutions which fulfil the expectations of future generations.

Vibrant Colors

EPDs have long been plagued by monochromatism, and have thus been limited to black and white, limiting both areas of application and user experience. rdot’s patented display technology enables full color rendering, ensuring a rich and vibrant color experience.

Energy Efficiency

rdot’s reflective display technology boasts a 98% energy decrease in relation to LCD and 80% energy savings in relation to leading EPDs. This enables your products to last longer, to your customers ultimate satisfaction, whilst also placing lesser stress on our environment.

Paperlike Readability

Paper is favored for its reading experience, in stark contrast to most displays. rdot’s reflective display technology enjoys all the benefits of digitalization yet reads like paper, retaining the ultimate advantage of great sunlight readability.

Ultrathin & Bendable

Measuring merely a micrometer (1 µm), rdot is unquestionably the thinnest display on the market. This thinness enables savings in terms of weight and space, and makes the display fully bendable without limitations.

Mobile Devices

rdot’s technology is highly suitable for mobile devices such as eReaders. The combination of a full palette of color alongside extreme energy efficiency ensures that the eReader is no longer limited to merely books, but can support comics, magazines and PDFs.

Electronic Shelf Labels

rdot’s reflective display technology is well suited for Electronic Shelf Labels, as a result of its bi-stability, enabling ultra-low power consumption. Moreover, the vivid colors and near 180 degree viewing angle create a compelling user experience.

Digital Signage

rdot’s reflective display technology is befitting for static digital signage, as a result of its ultra-low power consumption as well as paperlike readability. In addition, vibrant color rendering and flexibility enable digital signage solutions of tomorrow.

Wearable Technology

rdot’s display medium’s flexibility and thinness inspire the innovations of tomorrow; creating shapes and designs beyond imagination. In combination with ultra-low power consumption and vivid color rendering, no dream nor design is longer beyond reach.

Automotive and Medical

rdot’s patented technology enable engineers to add displays where power, structure and space have previously posed limitations. Whether it be the pursuit of new designs or display of vital information, rdot’s technology facilitates ingenuity and creativity.

Design and Architecture

rdot’s unique and novel technology enable design, art and architecture to transcend the static state and become dynamic. This revolutionary advance facilitates the mindset and attitude of today; continuously changing parameters demand an interchangeable environment.

Co-develop the Future of Displays

Our three step process

Evaluation Project

Designed to determine and establish interest regarding and basic compatibility with our technology. Dependent upon your designated area of application as well as technical requirements, we will develop custom-made prototypes according to your specifications. Evaluation projects are priced at prime production cost.

Development Project

Designed to determine and establish further interest and commitment following a basis of mutual interest concluded during the Evaluation Project. In order to advance the collaborative process, the Development Project involves deeper commitment from both parties, aimed at co-developing technology for seamless integration with your technology and chosen application areas.

Licensing and Manufacturing

Following a successful collaborative process and continued mutual interest, a licensing agreement between the two parties is established with the joint ambition of technology commercialisation.

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rdot is a Swedish incorporated venture backed start-up, with the world as its arena. rdot aims to revolutionize the reflective display industry and challenge incumbent technology titans with its proprietary and novel technology. rdot’s patented technology stems from several years of research at Chalmers University of Technology.

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Photo credit: Chalmers University of Technology | Oscar Mattsson